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SUNDAY, March 25       11 am – 3-ish pm   Purchase of 3 boosters gets you in ($12.63 after tax). Each player will receive at least 2 promo cards from Steve Jackson Games, plus prizes for winners. Other support will be provided by Pegasus! Don’t worry about your level of play – IT’S A […]


TUESDAY, MARCH 20        6 – 8 PM BAT-CURIOUS? Ben Cone will run an introductory demo of the game, models and terrain. Players will take on the role of either the Brave and the Bold led by Batman or bring terror to the streets as the Joker. Demos should play out in about […]


SUNDAY, MARCH 18        1 – 4 pm This exciting event is a great way to earn Championship Points, which will help YOU along the path to qualifying for larger, more prestigious tournaments, such as the Pokémon World Championships! League Cups are run in the ‘TCG One Day Championship’ format.   A deck list […]

DEMO: THE PRIMARY by a local designer!

FRIDAY, MAR. 16                7 – 9 PM Players compete as candidates within one political party, all vying to become the nominee for President of the United States!   Today’s game will be taught by the designer, Wisconsin resident Matt Quock! Plan your actions in order to gain influence and […]


SUNDAY, MARCH 4       NOON – 5 PM Your goal is to hurl Monsters, Loot, and Mischief cards at your opponent until they have taken damage equal to or greater than their life. Meanwhile you also must protect yourself with Loot, Allies, and the occasional well-timed Run Away. At the heart of the game […]


WEDNESDAY AFTERNOONS       1 – 5 PM Open to all, the name was chosen by the current configuration of gamers, who are all retirees. Drop in, bring your favorite board/card game(s), or borrow one of our demo games. Pega-Minions can often be bribed (or bullied) into  teaching new games. There is an email list […]


SATURDAY, Mar. 3         Doors at 10, dice at 11 Totally and completely normal Steamroller event:  75 point, SR2017. $10 entry. 4 round cap. Message Rick Way your email address to pre-register at FB EVENT We will be space limited (things start getting really cozy once we get over 20) so please pre-reg early […]


SATURDAY, Feb. 24            2 –  5 pm Description:  One of the Boss Lady’s Favorite Games of Yore is coming back!!! And YOU can come play it BEFORE it is released! Placement of buildings on gridded city blocks depends on the cards you hold … AND your position relative to the board. […]