SATURDAY, DEC. 8     10 am – 5 pm

Play some games and find some gifts!

We will be teaching many games that every home should have, and that you might want to give or have on hand for the Holidays.

We will feature board, card, role-playing, and miniature games in short scenarios for the whole family to try!

Please take some time for yourself with us while still doing the required shopping!

GAMERS, if you would like to present YOUR favorite game(s) in short scenarios for our attendees, we will feed you pizza and free soda.                                                                                                   Games must be in print and available for Pegasus to get.  Please contact us by telephone (608-833-GAME) or email (

ASHES moves to Mondays!

Starting Monday, Oct. 22           6 – 10 pm

Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is a two-player expandable card game.  Players play a Phoenixborn, demi-god and protector of this world. These characters are the great saviors of their civilizations. Before they came into existence, the humans were plagued by monsters like chimeras that took away their lands and forced them to live in walled-off cities. When the Phoenixborns came, they fought off the chimeras and freed the lands for humans to take over once again.

But the time of peace was short-lived. A prophecy arose that if one Phoenixborn was able to absorb enough Ashes of others, they would ascend into full gods and take mastery over this world. This, as well as humans’ greed for land, fueled the War of Ashes. The great cities now fight among each other, each one of them with a Phoenixborn at its helm, and you will decide who will rise and who will fall to ashes.


Guild Ball Season 4


Saturday, Oct. 20     10 am – 6 pm

Choose your Guild. Choose your Captain. Choose your Squad.
                                                                                       Guild Ball is a fast action packed game of Mob Football for two players. Choose a Guild and head to the pitch.                                                                                      Earn victory by playing the beautiful game, or by sending your opponent home in a wooden box.
Come on in to check out season 4 and play some Guild Ball!
This is not a tournament, but a bring and battle event.
Some casual Guild Ball play!

KILL TEAM Organized Play

SUNDAYS  STARTING  OCTOBER  21         11 am – 2 (ish?)

Join us for the OP sponsored by Games Workshop.

Sign up for $10 OR the purchase of a Kill Team or Squad box.

Timing and prize distribution is still TBA.


SUNDAY, OCT. 7     2 – 5 pm

Learn and play this Classic Dungeon Crawl role-playing game!

This will happen monthly on the First Sunday of the month!

Warmachine-Hordes All Day Event

SATURDAY, OCT. 6              ALL DAY

That’s all I know.  This space will be updated if we hear any details; either deleted if it is not happening or filled out if it is.

Guilds of Ravnica Launch Event

FRIDAY, OCT 5       6 PM

Entry is $25.00

Registration opens at 6 pm; deckbuilding at 6:30.

You win prize points, which can be redeemed for Guilds or other boosters, playmats, sleeves, backpacks, etc.
Record of 4 – 0 earns 160 prize points.
Record of 3-1 earns 80 prize points.
Record of 2 – 2 earns 20 prize points.

Prize points accumulate between BOTH the Prerelease AND Launch events!
Bring a friend (new to Pegasus) and you both get a 10 point bonus!


Saturday, Sep. 29      10 am – 4 pm

The second of our bi-annual consignment sales.  Come early for the best deals!

                                                                        SELLERS  You can pick up a seller sheet, list your 20 items, and drop them off from Monday the 17th through Saturday the 22nd.                                                                                                                                                                       You will be paid 75% of the value of the items sold on a Pegasus gift card.                                                                                                                                    Please pick up your unsold items within a week or they might be donated to the Lussier Community Center (if appropriate).


TUESDAYS      5:30 PM

GUILD  BALL  MINIATURESGuild Ball is a tactical miniatures game of skirmish soccer. Two coaches lead six players from their respective guilds in a race to 12 points–gaining 4 points for scoring a goal, 2 points for taking out a regular player, and 1 point for taking out a mascot (yes, one of the six players on each team is a mascot). During each turn, coaches alternate activating one player at a time. With a small number of models per side, Guild Ball delivers great depth of strategy, balancing ball control, attack, and defense.

For more information, see



Warhammer Underworlds is a tactical arena combat game. This is a system designed for balanced, small-scale tactical games that can be played quickly and easily by anyone, but which even experienced players will find challenging to master. The game rules are designed with competitive play in mind; matches can be played in under 45 minutes, on a smaller surface than our larger-scale games, and will be ideal for club or tournament play.


                                                                                                                         HeroClix is a tactical combat game where you put heroes and villains                                                                                                                                   from your favorite comics, movies and TV shows in head to head combat.

                         Join us to learn and play this very popular tabletop miniatures game!



 e/o SUNDAYS       11 AM

OCT  14, 28

Join us for GW sponsored Organized Play.   Learn to play, have fun, and get goodies!

Kill Team is designed to be played on a 22-by-30 inch game board. When you sit down at the table to play Kill Team, by virtue of that smaller game board alone, you’re bound to have a dense, beautiful map filled with lots of tactical opportunities to maneuver. 
The gameplay itself is reminiscent of 40k’s current 8th edition ruleset, but highly specialized for small-unit skirmish play. You’ll trade control of units back and forth with your opponent during the same gameplay round, which makes the game more lively, engaging and quick. Most games come in around two hours.

Sep 23, Oct  7, 21

Image result for necromunda image

Necromunda:  Skirmish level combat between players who control rival gangs battling each other in the

Underhive, a place of anarchy and violence in the depths below the Hive City.